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Man pushing a huge rock. Making changes can feel like this.

There was a student tasked by his master with moving a huge boulder. The rock was almost as big as the student. The master told his disciple if he used all of his skills and abilities, he could move the stone. But try as he might, the stone would not budge. After hours of laboring, the tired and sweaty student looked at the master and said, this task is impossible.

The master asked if he had used all his abilities, and the student assured his teacher that he had. But the master knew better. And replied, but you failed to ask for my assistance.

Making change is like that. How often we are like that bewildered student. We do not realize the tools and resources available for completing the formidable tasks we face.

Change is one of those. If you are working on accomplishing more in 2024, you may have found that the effort required to make visible progress is draining. As a result, you are left feeling it would be better to give up. That is not surprising. It takes a mountain of effort to change the habits we have, over time, become dissatisfied with.

Instead of contemplating reasons to quit, look for people who can help you. Slow down. And consider the resources you have at your disposal to attain your goals. To become a new version of yourself, you will have to shed the old one. Dig deep and find the commitment inside yourself. Reexamine your whys.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Give yourself a break from time to time. Keep your goals in mind, and get back on your horse. Then, resume the effort to make the change, regardless of how long it takes. As my friend Matt K. says, you suck until you don’t.

Embrace the suck, avoid those distractors, and take some steps towards the better life you envision for yourself. You will eventually get there.

I know it’s hard. it’s a big challenge for me, too. If I can do it, I am sure you can do it too.

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