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Your heart belongs to you

I was in church the other day, and the sermon was about the heart. “What kind of heart do you have?” The minister asked. Do you have a hard heart, a broken heart, a faint heart, or a heavy heart? These are the options he gave. As I sat there meditating on this question, my heart swelled with lividity. I wanted to shout, “Hey Pastor! My heart is none of these things!” I knew I am enough, even if the pastor didn’t. You are enough, too.

I thought,  have a compassionate heart, a warm heart, a courageous heart, and some even say a big heart. To get to the heart of the matter, why is it that so many take a negative point of view of their own situation instead of embracing a positive one? 

Why do we feel that we are not good enough, or lacking in some area or another? That is the message that gets pumped into our heads and our hearts. Regardless of whether we are at church, browsing social media, or talking with friends, we are quick to make comparisons in which we are on the less than side of the equation. That’s not good!

Instead of accepting the negativity, a better solution is give yourself some slack and realize all those ideals of you not being worthy of graciousness are false. Instead, take some time for self evaluation and contemplation of the things that make you positive, happy, and heartful (as they say in Japan). What makes your worthy of the grace of God – The answer is not nothing. Then do more of the things that make you awesome. Here are some other ways to live with joy.

You learn the most from mistakes

When you are right, you seldom take the time to analyze why. You are probably too busy celebrating. Errors, mistakes, and setbacks, however, provide opportunities for self evaluation of where you went astray and the things you can do to get better. Thus, embracing mistakes not only enhances humbleness but also helps you to get stronger as you manage adversity.

You are enough

Your life has brought you to this point, and through those experiences you have been prepared for the conflicts and opportunities in front of you. It is vital that you believe in yourself. You are the miracle of birth. You are beautiful just the way you are, and you are enough for the challenges in front of you.

Embrace the challenge

While you may think an easy life is the best life, that is a myth. We all have challenges. I wouldn’t want your problems, and (believe me) you wouldn’t want mine. However, it is embracing your problems, taking ownership of them, and working to resolve them that makes you a stronger person.

Practice gratitude

When you are grateful for your life, you will find that your situation gets better. There are many things to be grateful for – regardless of your situation. Having a comfortable place to live and food to eat is more than many have.

When I was in India, I saw countless homes made of canvas banners tied together. In Japan, many people look for a handout instead of a hand-up. If you have the ability to effect some control over your situation, that is something to be immensely grateful for.

By practicing gratitude every morning and evening, you will grow an appreciation of the success you have had. That will make you happier.

Meal gratitude

Take some time to consider what it took to get your food from the farm to your table. Then, say a thank you to each living being that was part of the process – from the chicken for their eggs, to the farmer that collected and packaged them, and the truckers who transported them. Thanks to the refrigerator repair person who serviced the cooler, keeping those eggs fresh. Be grateful to the shelf stockers who received those eggs from the trucker and put them on the shelves. The owner that invested in the store, hiring workers and paying the rent. Thanks to the cashier who allowed me to bring a dozen or half dozen of those little ovals home for a few bucks. Thanks to the gas company for serving up the fuel to cook those eggs. Without all of them, You would not be enjoying this breakfast.

Count your wins

Before you fall asleep, take some time for self evaluation, considering the wins you’ve had during the day, no matter how small. Think about what it took to get there and bask in the glory of that success, grateful for the person you’ve become during the process. And the living proof that you are enough.

Recognize helpful behaviors

Next, instead of just saying Thank You, add for. Thank you for… requires you to qualify what the other person has done for you.

It does not take much to do this self evaluation of the work you are doing and the contributions of others along the way. This spreads positivity on an immeasurable scale.

Stop thinking that life is a wave waiting to sweep you under. Don’t listen to those who claim you are not enough. They don’t know you like you know yourself. And sadly, most just care about themselves.

Take a more positive approach to those challenges and act as if that wave of challenges is pushing you to next amazing experience. 

Take heart – you are exactly where you should be and experiencing what you need to in order to continue the development of the amazing person that is inside of you.

When you live with gratitude and an appreciation of where you are and the challenges you have in front of you, you will always be enough and you will usually be happy. That is how to have a heart full of love.

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