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Whether you are focused on completing a project, achieving a goal, or overcoming personal roadblocks, Synergy Personal Development will help you conquer your biggest challenges and get the results you desire.
John Cunningham

Our Focus


Creating effective plans and maintaining momentum can be a challenge as you venture into new territory. It is common to give up when we reach the first roadblock or suffer a defeat. That’s not going to happen when you work with Synergy Personal Development. John will keep you focused on growing your skills and abilities. That allows you to take action and realize micro-victories that are crucial to achieving your bigger ones. John can help you smash through your limited beliefs one step at a time.


Have you come to a roadblock? Do you need help reaching your goals? Do you want a fresh perspective? No matter what challenges you are facing, Synergy Personal Development’s coaching and mentoring programs can support your personal growth. John is dedicated to supporting you on the journey from where you are to where you want to be. Whether you are focused on completing a project, managing a team, or achieving a goal, understanding the context of the situation and aligning you with success, will allow you to conquer your biggest challenges and get the results you desire.

how it works ?

Once we identify your biggest challenge, we collaborate to develop a success plan. Then, work together for two, four or six sessions to rise above the challenges and reach a measurable level of success before moving on to your next big challenge.


We start each session with an update on your setbacks and progress


Then, we discuss the next steps on the road to your success and ensure we have agreed about what to focus on next.


Finally, we confirm what was discussed and your set your tasks for evaluation in the next session.


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