Win the Day

Win the Day: How to win your battles with stress, anxiety & depression is your handbook for managing mental health. 30 chapters of proven techniques for gaining and maintaining good mental health in addition to living with a more positive outlook. In this book you will learn proven techniques for improving your mental health and personal control of your life. I have personally tested and vetted every tip and technique in Win the Day with experts in the mental health field, hundreds of readers, and my own clients. 

I know the pains of stress, anxiety & depression because I’ve been through them myself countless times over the years. While in COVID isolation, I decided it was time to share my stories and techniques for remaining positive and avoiding anxiety, regardless of the challenges life presents.

Do you need a system for improving & maintaining your mental health? Depression, manic disorders, and anxiety are major hindrances to making progress in life. Whether you are facing life challenges, struggling to keep on track, or looking for new self-care techniques to add to your toolbox, Win the Day is your handbook for cultivating good mental health and maintaining it. Thirty easy-to-action chapters complete with exercises to help you unveil a better version of yourself. You’ve waited long enough. Win the day today, and your tomorrows too.

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