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Win the Day

How to win your battles with stress, anxiety & depression your handbook for managing mental health. 30 chapters of proven techniques for gaining and maintaining good mental health in addition to living with a more positive and focused outlook. Win the Day will acquaint you with proven techniques for improving your mental health and personal control of your life. Then, introduce exercises that will help you to step into success. Every strategy, tip and theory has been personally tested and vetted by experts in the mental health field, hundreds of readers, and John’s own clients to ensure you are equipped with actionable advice to win your day.
From the author: I’ve been through and know the debilitating pain stress, anxiety & depression can bring. While in COVID isolation, I decided it was time to share my stories and techniques for remaining positive and avoiding anxiety, regardless of the challenges life presents.
Do you need a system for improving & maintaining your mental health? Are you facing depression, manic disorders, or anxiety that serve as major hindrances to making progress in your life? Whether you are experiencing life changing challenges, struggling to keep on track, or looking for new self-care techniques to add to your toolbox, Win the Day is your handbook for cultivating good mental health and maintaining it. Thirty easy-to-action chapters complete with exercises to help you unveil a better version of yourself.
You’ve waited long enough. Win the day today, and your tomorrows too.
Win the day by John Cunningham

Introduction by the Author

What readers have to say about Win the Day

Ø. Solheim
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Thank you for this, John! "Touching nature will increase your peace of mind, and it only takes a few minutes a day to engage with your surroundings." I enjoy what you describe.
E. George
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Very nice. Just like everything else, we should 'make' time to connect with nature. Thanks John.
J. Mura
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Great advice and well written
J. Sebastian
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Awesome work!
M. Bhardwajoe
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I want to succeed, but I don't have enough experience. After reading this book, I feel it is possible to l succeed if I work on my goals each day.
K. Ogbo
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I found your Catapult Theory very useful.
D.S. Clark
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Well written and sage advice!!
A. Lords
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L. Ireland
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Very motivational and inspirational.
M. Yildiz
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Thank you for this insightful and educational piece. I loved the stories.​

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