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the power of words

Can words have an effect on the people around you? Words can lift the spirit or weaken it.

You might have heard this old saying before: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Or its more modern counterpart: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words have the power to do permanent damage.

Words can directly influence others. Words have power. Here are two stories that show how words can change lives.

Harsh words

When Muriel was seven years old, she loved singing. She sang morning and night. She sang with the radio. She sang on the way to school and while doing her chores. Muriel bubbled over with joy because of her love of music.

One evening after a particularly hard day of work, her mother Claudia came home exhausted. She just wanted to go to bed. But Muriel hadn’t eaten dinner so Claudia dragged herself to the kitchen to make dinner. She could hear Muriel’s singinging.

Instead of her daughter’s singing uplifting Claudia’s mood it caused her more fatigue. So she went to Muriel’s room, opened the door and told her to stop making that horrible racket.

Muriel was crushed. From that day on, she never sang again. She lost her love of music and her happy disposition. It wasn’t until Muriel reached her 30’s that she attempted singing again….  The power of words.

Hello Champions

I miss the office. Going to the office every day I get a chance to interact with my co-workers regularly. I get to know them better and share my positive energy with them. When I used to go to the office, I would greet everyone by saying: “Hello champions!”

At first everyone thought I was crazy. But after a while I saw their seriousness replaced with smiles. Their confidence increased, and they were more open to collaboration. I recently finished training 100 new hires in India. They were all fresh out of university. Every morning of the two day training I started the day with: “Hello champions!” They smiled. They worked hard, and they were open and receptive to the training. Did my words make a difference? Experience tells me yes. That’s the power of words….

The Power of Words

Words are powerful. They can take the optimism out of a soul or lift it to higher highs. The author Zig Ziglar taught me to catch people doing good. But I’ve taken it a step further. I believe that people will do better today than they did yesterday. Then I project that onto them.

People have achieved more than they thought they could because someone else believed in them.

Let’s go back to our examples of the power of words. Claudia could have taken a few minutes to bask in the joy of Muriel’s singing. Instead, she let the struggles of her day overcome her and spoke harsh words to her daughter that did immeasurable damage. What a difference it would’ve made to Muriel’s life if her mother had joined in her joy instead of responding harshly. 


For my co-workers, when things aren’t going so well they might remember that someone thinks they are a champion. Those words of encouragement could lead them to find the courage to rise up and solve the problems in front of them. The power of words.

Yes, I do think you are awesome!

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