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Get More Done With Pareto

Time is the most precious asset we have. Yet, it is also greatly underutilized. If you want to get more done with less effort, consider applying the Pareto Principle to your planning and prioritizing.

Man pushing a huge rock. Making changes can feel like this.

You Can Change for the Better

There was a student tasked by his master with moving a huge boulder. The rock was almost as big as the student. The master told his disciple if he used

Foreign language acquisition is difficult.

Avoid These Common English Errors

Many non-native English speakers are afraid of speaking because they’re worried about making these common English errors or being misunderstood.

How do you define wealth?

How do You Define Wealth

How do you define wealth?
We often define wealth by the abundance of money in our financial portfolios. Yet, at the end of our days, we might say we are rich by the life we have lived or the contributions we have made instead.


You Need Someone to Talk to

There are so many important things going on in our lives that we really need someone to talk to and share ideas in order to understand their purpose. Whether those

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