Synergy Personal Development

John Cunningham

Meet Our Coach...

“You are a gift and you have so many reasons to be right here, right now. Get ready to walk into a more confident and successful life.”
John Cunningham
John is dedicated to supporting you on the journey from where you are to where you want to be. Working as a personal development coach and communication skills trainer for over twenty years, John has helped small to large fortune 500 companies and thousands of individuals to live better lives by taking action one day at a time. At Synergy Personal Development we are committed to our clients achieving their personal and professional goals. Whether that means managing a global team,delivering an effective presentation, communicating confidently with friends and colleagues, or finding your next opportunity, we will support you on the journey to getting the results you desire.
Through an intuitive, empathetic and pragmatic approach, John specializes in career mentoring, personal development, and helping clients take the steps that will take their game to the next level. His big why and passion is to teach, coach and help propel people to achieve their greatest potential.
John Cunningham, our founder is the author of the mental wellness book “Win the Day:How to win your daily battles with stress, anxiety and depression.” He guides our clients with an ever-expanding array of techniques and proven methodologies that aid the journey towards each individual’s vision of success.