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  • 各レッスンは、復習や近況報告から始まります。
  • 次に、あなたの特定のニーズに取り組みます。講師は評価に基づいてフィードバックを提供し、内容を調整します。
  • ほとんどのレッスンでは、実践練習を行い、講師はさらなるフィードバックとレッスンの間に取り組むべき課題を提供します。
  • 最後に、その日の学習内容を確認し、次回のレッスンのゴールを確認します。


English is not an easy language to acquire. That it is the defacto form of international business communication puts many non-native speakers at a disadvantage.

Whether you need to improve your English communication skills for business, want to retain the skills you have, or are looking for some help with a presentation or enhancing your emails’ clarity, we have over two decades of experience coaching people to become better English speakers and effective communicators. Let us help you to meet your English language needs.

We will customize a program for you that expertly balances low-pressure communication tasks with high-value ones to ensure that you succeed in exchanging information effectively regardless of the situation or ability.

Anyone can teach from a textbook. The real value in a language coach is providing feedback and holding students accountable to their goals.

How It Works

We will establish a course of action based on your goals and obstacles to effective communication in your initial consultation. Then take incremental steps in each lesson to build your skills, confidence and competence in using English.

  • Each lesson begins with a review or update.
  • Next, we work on your specific need. During this time, I will provide feedback and adjust activities based on your this evaluation.
  • In most lessons you will then do a performance activity, and I will provide further feedback and an action plan to work on between lessons.
  • Finally, we will confirm the day’s learning and you deliverables for the next lesson.

Lessons are 50 minutes long and can be taken as often as you like. Ask about our no stress booking system in your initial consultation.

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