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Ultimate Guide to a Career Coach in Japan

Do you feel stuck in your current job position, or like you're not improving your abilities as quickly as you would like? A career coach who can hold you accountable from week to week and make sure you move forward might be what you need to take you to the next level. ​.

Disc Characteristics

Choosing the Right Job Using DISC Assessment

Ever chose a job you thought would be a good fit and later found that it wasn’t your cup of tea? If you are looking for some insurance that you are applying for the right positions, you might want to use the DISC process to measure the opportunity and your fitness for that job?

Senpai Success Story #23: John On Discovering His Ikigai

Be respectful and help others. Read John’s Senpai Success Story and experience his journey of discovering his ikigai from teaching to corporate training, and now writing.